Project name: Case A – The art of brew (Group)

*This project is fictive. Real clients were not involved in it.

Purpose: Create a solution that would appeal to a specific niche target group

Main role & tasks: Researcher; Digital designer, Content creator 

In this project, we were given the opportunity to choose a niche group that we would like to create a solution for. The solution should provide useful information related to their interest and introduce our target group to new skills that they can easily practise and learn on their own. 

The niché and the target groups

We had the freedom to choose the topic that we would like to work with. We decided that coffee would be a really delightful thing to tap deeper into. Then, we also got to choose our target groups. After conducting a thorough research (survey, interviews, various mappings), we came to the conclusion that we would like to work with 2 polar opposites of users.

As evident, we chose to work with coffee. After choosing our topic, we also had to decide on our target group and think about possible content of the solution. We did a survey, had interviews and went to a cafe to make observations. To further supplement our research, we also came up with an Empathy map and a Value Proposition.

Finally, we made personas who represent our target groups. We chose to come up with a solution for 2 complete opposites – a coffee “beginner” (someone who occasionally drinks coffee for the taste) and a more “ëxpert” one (who is motivated to make the BEST coffee and cares about beans, production, etc.). Consequently, this would allow us to come up with more various content

The form & function

After we defined for who we are going to make our solution and looked into our insights from the mappings that we made, we came up with possible ideas of content and article topics that we can include. We grouped the topics by their relevance to our target groups.

We began our design process by doing sketches of our potential solution. We made the sketches according to the content that we plan to have in our solution. When sketching, we took both the Web & Mobile version into consideration and thus made sketches for both of them.  

Besides that, we also made a Moodboard which gave us a sense of the colors and imagery that we could use. Since we were working on this during the beginning of the fall, we decided to make it appear actual and establish a cozy mood associated with autumn.

Something was brewing!

We wanted to create a solution that would provide users with the information they need. For this reason, we really put emphasis on the content of the website. While we were doing our research and later on brainstorm, we concluded that we’re going to include recipes, articles and some frequently asked quesions in regards to how the users are supposed to use our solution and how they should brew coffee.

When we worked on the content and especially on the front page, we wanted to create a certain theme which suited the season. Since we created this solution during autumn, we established an autumn theme – and that can be noticed through the colors and imagery that we decided to put.

Realization strategy

For this project, we took a slightly different approach. We already had sketches but we didn’t do wireframes and mockups. We were introduced to WordPress and the plugin Elementor. For these reasons, and for the sake of learning, we began to work immediately on WordPress. Elementor enabled us to build the intended structure of the page. This saved us a lot of time and allowed us to concentrate mainly on the content of the website

I bet you’re interested to check out our work. To see our solution live & kickin’, click here.