Greetings, it's Filipa!

Connecting people and technology

Ever since I could remember, I have been interested in the digital world. I am part of the generation which saw technology growing and crawling into our lives. I believe that technology should help people solve their problems and make their lives easier.

Therefore, I want to be the bridge between people and technology, ensuring that the former has the best possible experience while using it.

Design philosophy and background

Exploring problems and seeing a tangible solution emerge from a concept is what excites me the most about the design process. Currently, I identify as being a UX generalist – I enjoy exploring problem areas, conceptualizing, turning ideas into prototypes that come alive on the screen and testing them to ensure that the problem at hand is solved and the users are satisfied.

Design for people, by people

I believe that the best solutions are made in diverse teams where each individual can contribute with their skills, knowledge and unique perspective into the problem. Input from team members can help us look past our own biases and thus, collaboration between designers, developers and people from the business is essential for developing exceptional products and digital experiences that address the users’ needs and solve their problems.

As a designer, I can facilitate the Design Thinking process in interdisciplinary teams and help with uncovering insights and making informed design decisions about the current challenge the team is presented with. My inquisitive nature and my eye for details make me skilled at research and prototyping. I am very collaborative, structured and analytical in my approach to work.  

Journey into the UX field

I got introduced to UX during my specialization in Multimedia design, but back then I could not hold onto just one thing when there was so much to learn and explore about the digital world. Therefore, I also have experience working with other disciplines – marketing, content creation, SoMe management and event planning. In my previous work experiences, I have been doing bits of UX-related tasks: whether that be improving the usability of a website, conducting research about the target group of a business or redesigning a website so that it corresponds better to the user needs.

The reason why I like UX design is because the field is very interdisciplinary in itself – a fine mixture of psychology, design and research, where I feel like I can find something from each of the other things I enjoy working with.

Outside of work I enjoy...