Project name: Exam project (Group)

Client: KreaPlace

Purpose: KreaPlace would like to have a social media which connects hobbyists crocheters. The social media should include certain functionalities. Visualize the solution.

Main role: Project manager, facilitator

For our 2nd semester exam project, we had KreaPlace as our client – a lovely set of hobbyists who have the goal to connect with people who share their passion. The project ran in May 2020 which meant there was a certain obstacle on the way – COVID-19. We were not able to meet the client and work within our group face-to-face. Challenge accepted!

To tackle this, I joined forces with a fellow UXer from the group and together we created a stimulating work environment which guaranteed our success despite the unusual times.

How did we do this?

We were 4 people on the team working on this project and we were also collaborating with a client. That being said, it was expected that a lot of changes would be made throughout the process. To combine our teamwork with the demands of our client, we decided to choose Agile for this project. Agile allowed us to go back and readjust something if it was needed

We used Messenger for day-to-day communication;
we hosted our meetings and interviews on Discord;
we planned what has to be done on;
we used shared and stored our files on Google Drive;
we brainstormed our ideas on;
we conducted our testing on …

Our observations

We arranged a virtual meeting with the stakeholders on Discord and talked with them about their vision, problems and aspirations. We also had an interview with a hobbyist through telephone. To observe user behaviour, we conducted a survey on Facebook. We asked the users to answer questions related to their familiarity with crocheting and their interest in a possible future platform.

Online testing

We were limited in terms of testing as well…but that does not mean that we couldn’t manage to find a way! We did an Open & Closed card sorting online as well and it worked out as intended. 

In conclusion

COVID-19 made people and businesses switch to digital platforms. And so did we. We found a way to go with the flow and ride the wave of the current situation. There were moments when it was definitely hard because meeting and working with and around people feels more motivating. However, I think that our team succeded in tackling the problem